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the liam payne meme - [1/1] hair porn

↳ liam’s hair is my religion


I’m so sad

Anonymous: Let's talk about Zayn's perfection PLEASE!!!!


anon my whole life was meant for this - it’s time to test my skills.

anon let me tell you the story of why zayn is the god of sexual desire..the son of aphrodite

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Prince Liam is trying to win over the heart of the famous artist Zayn.

(gifs not mine credit to the owner)


Zayn would be the scariest to meet, like// what are you gonna say to him. He’s Zayn Malik, not Harry Styles, i wouldn’t go up to him and be like “omg i’m ur biggest fan i love you so much” that sounds so oatmeal like :/// ya know


there arent enough adjectives to describe how incredible zayn is

Your first impression of me? (Anonymous or not)



Men look so ugly masturbating how does that make u feel

jokes on you i look ugly all the time damn wassup how u feel 


suuuuuup. this was supposed to be celebrating my birthday, hitting 1k and one other thing that i cant remember that probs isnt important, but its been months since all of those things and im actually so glad i couldnt make this when i wanted. a lot of you ive only just followed/gotten followed by/became mutuals with and if i had made this any earlier theres no way you wouldve made an appearance on this list.

anyway, this is my thank you to all of you for making such an big impact on my life, AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN MOTHERFUCKERS.

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i sort of b.s.ed toward the end and im really tired rn and im absolutely positive i forgot a shit ton of people so if i forgot you or something come stab me in the knee or something by e


The year is 2081

and i am STILL not over Zayn’s high note in you&i

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